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In the long-running battle between pickup truck manufacturers, the Chevrolet Multi-Flex Tailgate is a new Silverado feature that competitors have yet to match. The Multi-Flex Tailgate adds a new upper section that can fold separately from the door. Together with this and several other functions, it has a lot of advantages over a regular tailgate. Demand is high for this new and exciting take on truck rear doors, so check out this Sweeney Cars guide to the Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate.

What Is the Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate?

Chevy’s new approach to tailgating adds more versatility over a standard dropping and lifting door without removing any existing features. The most significant difference is the inner gate section, which can be lowered 90 degrees with the main door up or down. While down, the inner gate also has a step that can fold out, letting you walk into or out of the bed more easily.

Chevy introduced its Multi-Flex Tailgate to the Silverado 1500 in 2021. For the 2022 model year, the Multi-Flex Tailgate is now offered on the Silverado HD 2500 and 3500 full-size trucks. The 2022 Silverado has a standard tailgate on the LT, LTZ, and High Country trim levels, but you can also upgrade them to use the multi-flex version.

Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate Positions

Chevy’s Multi-Flex Tailgate adds more useful functions and options to the standard lowering and locking pickup truck tailgate. Using the key fob, front seat dash controls, or buttons on the gate itself, you can adjust the six-way truck bed door to the following positions:

  • Completely closed.
  • Open and lowered normally.
  • Open and lowered with a load stop or raised surface section to block cargo from sliding out.
  • Closed with a small top center section, called the inner gate, dropped down.
  • Open and lowered with the inner gate also dropped 90 degrees, pointing it out of the way.
  • Open and lowered with the inner gate down and an inner-gate footstep folded out.

The Multi-Flex Tailgate is convenient and easy to use, and it offers additional cargo control. It combines nicely with features like Silverado cargo nets or dividers if you want the highest possible security against cargo moving around. Just remember to always carry payloads responsibly and according to your owner’s manual.

Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate Functions

Various benefits come with a Multi-Flex Tailgate. It serves as a regular tailgate whenever you wish, but it also functions as a droppable rear hatch that you can use to contain cargo safely, unload items more quickly, and step into the truck bed. Here’s every way that the Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate does more:

Remote Tailgate Control

You can remotely lower the tailgate using the key fob instead of the manual handle. You can also use buttons on the front dash of your Chevy truck.

Primary Gate Load Stop

When the Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate is lowered, you can raise a section at the end of the inner side facing the rear. If longer objects require you to lower the tailgate, the load stop helps ensure they stay in the bed.

Foldable Inner Gate

An inner gate section can fold down another 90 degrees to make stepping into the Silverado’s bed easier. This is handy when you need to stand at the rear of your tailgate and reach inside the bed to remove objects repeatedly. With the main tailgate lowered and the inner gate dropped, the latter is pointed at the ground. You’ll be able to stand closer to the bed and reach inside from a comfortable position.

The foldable inner gate is also helpful when you want to open the tailgate partially while keeping the main door up. When opened, the corrugated platform is a valuable work surface and an excellent way to conveniently load items with the primary door lifted.

Foldable Inner Gate Step

When you lower the foldable inner gate, part of that section pointed at the ground can unfold 90 degrees outward into a step. This wide foot platform works well with a rear cargo bed assist handle provided at the driver’s side. With a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, the inner gate step is excellent if you need to frequently load heavy goods in and out of the bed.

Inner Gate Load Stop

Like the primary gate equivalent, the smaller inner gate section can also raise a load stop after lowering it. Items that happen to be pointed or positioned in a way that may slip out from the lowered inner gate will be securely contained.

Is the Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate Worth It?

When carrying heavy cargo, every slight advantage counts. Some truck tailgates have load stops, and most today have remote controls. However, the Chevy Multi-Flex Tailgate offers new benefits thanks to its transforming inner gate, especially its unfolding step. On models that don’t already have it, the Multi-Flex Tailgate is available on 2022 Silverado trucks for only $445. We think it’s well worth it if you’ll be using your cargo bed frequently.

The full-width and gripping surface makes it easier to get into the truck bed to load or unload items, and you can save both hands for carrying goods while you securely walk back down. In many cases, unloading heavy goods like bags of gravel would require someone inside the bed to move loads to the tailgate while someone standing nearby picks them up and moves them. With the inner gate step in place, people can walk in and out like unloading a trailer.

The latest Chevy trucks using the Multi-Flex Tailgate offer interesting new ways to access, load, and unload your pickup bed. When it’s time to get a Silverado with this feature and others that matter to you, stop by Sweeney Cars to get the best deals near Youngstown. We have an extensive inventory of new Chevy models and quality pre-owned vehicles. We make it easy to find a Chevy with everything you need, from high capability ratings for towing and payloads to the latest safety features, infotainment systems, seat features, and more.


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