Meet our brand new Buick GMC Dealership!

June 16th, 2020 by

Meet Our Brand New Buick GMC Dealership

Many of you may remember that in November 5th of 2017 a storm crippled our Buick GMC dealership. The storm, categorized as a microburst decimated our Buick GMC service department and many cars on our lot. It also damaged several other buildings on our property including our Guest Relations Department and Pace Performance Parts. Fortunately, the storm occurred on a Sunday evening and no one was at our dealership, so the damage was limited to property.

That storm damage left us with a combined service department at our Chevrolet store for over two years, as our old dealership was repaired, while preparations were under way to build our brand new state of the art facility.

We’re very proud to officially announce that though a little construction continues as we demolish the old site and finish paving where it once stood, our new Buick GMC dealership is open! And though we’re following appropriate physical distancing protocols to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, can be visited! We’ve made a very handy video about how to navigate the construction currently happening until our main entrance is open. Check it out here.

Our new dealership is bigger, and more sustainable than our old building. The property has also been upgraded to include a water retention system to help control flooding in Boardman Township. In addition to these improvements, the new dealership is exponentially more modern, and designed to provide the top of the line customer experience you have come to expect.

We’d also like to take a moment to thank all of our friends at DeSalvo Construction, and in the Western Reserve Building Trades for everything they did to help bring this new building to life! Below you will find storm damage photos, as well as photos of our new dealership!

Western Reserve Building Trades Thank You Banner at Sweeney Buick GMC

Thank you banners from the Western Reserve Building Trades.

Boardman, Ohio November 2017 Storm Damage Photos

Storm damage at our Buick GMC service department in 2017.

Damage at our Buick GMC dealership.

Storm damage done to Pace Performance Parts during our 2017 Storm.

Damage done to Pace Performance.

Storm damage to the roof of our Guest Relations Department from 2017.

Damage done to the roof of our Guest Relations Department and Pace Performance Parts Building.


Storm damage crushed our service department entrance at our Buick GMC store.














Meet the Brand New Sweeney Buick GMC