What Is a Tune Up? | How Often Should You Get a Tune Up?

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At Sweeney Cars, we understand that every vehicle needs regular tune-ups as a preventative measure, regardless of age or make. When you familiarize yourself with tune-ups, you get to understand the value of checking the behind-the-scene parts of a car for a smooth drive every time. With regular tune-ups, you can improve your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 4%, though the results depend on the repairs needed and the mechanics’ expertise. This post explains the car tune-up process, what it consists of, and how often you should come to our dealership in Youngstown, Ohio, for the service.

What Is a Car Tune-Up?

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A car tune-up is a maintenance procedure where a factory-trained mechanic checks and adjusts all the systems that impact a car’s combustion process. For humans, regular checkups with doctors offer the opportunity to discover any issues early. The same applies to your vehicle because regular checkups enable you to identify factors hindering your engine’s performance.

The procedure is critical for keeping your vehicle in top-notch condition, avoiding breakdowns, and extending its lifespan. Once you understand what a tune-up consists of, you will know what to expect when bringing your car to our mechanic.

What Does a Tune-Up Consist Of?

The services that comprise a tune-up generally vary depending on the age and brand of your car. Essential tune-ups include checking the engine for any parts that might need replacing, cleaning, or fixing. Most tune-up services require simple tests or a visual inspection, which is why you should only allow a highly experienced and skillful mechanic to perform the task.

Here are some common parts that our mechanics check during a tune-up service:

Vehicle Filters: PCV valves, fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters are critical to maintaining engine cleanliness. If any filters get contaminated, it can lead to dust buildup, unclean fluids or air, and other impurities, causing higher oil pressure, fuel pump failure, and other annoyingly costly complications. Our experts can advise you on the frequency of changing vehicle filters.

Spark Plugs: The devices ignite combustion in an engine and are susceptible to wear over time since they are constantly under high temperature and pressure. If your vehicle has a rough idling or experiences hard starts, it could be faulty or worn-out spark plugs.

Belts and Hoses: They are essential parts of a vehicle since they regulate the engine’s air conditioning, cooling, and charging systems. A tune-up checks whether the belt has any wear and requires replacement. It also checks the hose connections to the appropriate parts, such as the heater, radiator, and vacuum lines.

Car Fluids: A car has several essential fluids that keep it functional. During the tune-up, mechanics check the fluids for any contamination and replace them with manufacturer-recommended alternatives. Some fluids you should check regularly include the engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

Rotors: They are an essential aspect of your car’s brake system. Driving with worn rotors can be dangerous since it can delay braking and affect the vehicle’s handling, leading to an accident. During a tune-up, the mechanic looks for any faults on the rotors and performs replacements.

Distributor Caps: A tune-up checks the vehicle’s distributor caps—the covers protecting the distributor’s internal parts and holding contact between the inner rotor and spark plug wires. An expert looks for different symptoms to determine if you should replace the distributor caps.

Residents of Youngstown, Ohio, and other nearby areas can drive to our dealership for expert advice on the ideal intervals to perform each tune-up service depending on your car model.

Signs You Should Get a Tune-Up

Most vehicle manufactures and mechanics recommend getting a tune-up after every 10,000 miles, especially for modern models. The procedure itself is cheap and plays a vital role in your vehicle’s overall condition and performance. Some visible signs may occur if your car develops complications before the recommended mileage or you forget to schedule a maintenance service.

You can avoid costly expenses in the future by paying close attention to any of the following signs:

Dashboard Lights: A dashboard displays information about a vehicle. When some lights come on and refuse to go off even when driving, refer to the vehicle’s manual or bring it to our dealership for a checkup.

Weird Noises: When your vehicle makes noises, it can indicate a problem or harmless clattering. Please pay attention to any new noises you hear and try to identify where they come from to explain the issue to a mechanic better. Different types of noises indicate problems in various parts of the car. For example, a screeching noise can indicate low fluid levels.

Engine Stalling: A stalling vehicle is the most significant indicator of neglected regular maintenance. You can avoid most of the issues associated with a struggling engine by always keeping your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Poor Fuel Efficiency: You can monitor fuel efficiency through an mpg device or establish whether your car is consuming more fuel than usual. Regardless of the factors causing the poor fuel economy, our experts at Youngstown, Ohio, can fix the issue during a tune-up.

Misfiring Engine: Misfires are a severe problem, especially when they recur. The issue occurs when an engine cylinder fails to deliver enough power, resulting in a shaking sensation and power loss. When several cylinders misfire, your vehicle may not move because you lose more energy.

Visit our dealership immediately for a checkup if you notice any of the above signs. Our expert mechanics are ready to perform a multi-point inspection in Ohio and other maintenance services, such as replacing faulty or worn parts and adjusting the fuel-to-air ratio.

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A tune-up is vital for the longevity of your vehicle and its performance. At Sweeney Cars, we recommend bringing your car for tune-ups when convenient or during regular maintenance checkups to prevent extra, costlier expenses. Our experts can explain the importance of each maintenance task your vehicle requires and offer the best prices in Youngstown, Ohio, and other nearby areas. Contact us today to schedule your next service with our factory-trained technicians.

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