Where Can I Get Air in My Tires near Youngstown?

January 23rd, 2022 by

Making sure that your tires have the correct air pressure is a critical part of staying safe on the road. Tires that are poorly inflated may perform less effectively, providing you with reduced grip and control. Luckily, there are many locations in and around Youngstown where you can top up your tires with air. Our local experts here at Sweeney Cars have put together some suggestions for you, along with some tips about tire care.

Where Can You Put Air in Your Tires for Free in Youngstown?

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Most gas stations and convenience stores offer you the chance to top up your tire pressure. The great advantage with gas stations is that they usually have long opening hours, meaning you can drop by at almost any time.

Speedway is a conveniently located gas station on Bellmont Ave. where you can fill up your tires with air. Speedway is open 24 hours a day, making it the ideal location to choose whenever you need to pump up your tires.

In Canfield, you’ll find Sheetz, another gas station that’s open 24 hours a day for your convenience. This location also has a great selection of food on offer, from breakfast choices to burgers and convenient snacks. So if you’re short of time, you can grab a bite to eat after you fill up your tires.

The BP Station on E. Midlothian and Poland is open from 5am to 12am. In addition to offering air for your tires and gas, reviewers praise this store for its cleanliness and friendly employees.

The Circle K on Mahoning Ave. is open 24 hours a day and is a good option for tire air. They also offer food and coffee in case you need something to eat or drink.

If you’re looking for a handy location a little outside of Youngstown, check out the Flying J’s in Hubbard. Found on N Main Street, this 24-hour gas station is also conveniently situated if you’re passing through the Youngstown area.

The last 24-hour location with free air we have for you is the Getgo Cafe + Market on Mahoning Ave. They have a great selection of payment options, including an ATM if you need to get cash. As well as taking care of your tire pressure and filling up your gas tank, you can also purchase food, including burgers and snacks.

How Can I Measure My Tire Pressure?

Before you head to one of our local suggestions to top up your tire pressure, you need to know if your tires require pumping up at all. To find this out, check your tire placard, which is usually located on the inside of your driver’s door. The placard will list the recommended tire pressures for your front and rear tires. Some vehicles in the GM lineup have different pressure recommendations for their front and rear tires.

Once you know the manufacturer’s suggested pressure for your tires, you can measure your current pressure using a pressure gauge. If you don’t have one, you can pick one up at most hardware or auto stores. Alternatively, swing by our Youngstown service center and we’ll be happy to measure your tire pressure for you.

Keep in mind that the pressure listed on your tire wall is not the tire pressure you should necessarily aim to have. The figure on your tire wall refers to the maximum pressure that your tires can cope with.

Why Is it Important to Regularly Put Air in Your Tires?

Your Silverado, Equinox, or other GM vehicle can get better gas mileage if your tires have the right pressure. Some studies suggest that you can improve your fuel efficiency by as much as 3% with properly pressurized tires.

Tires also perform better if you run them at the correct pressure. They will provide you with more control on the road, which is crucial in order to keep you, your passengers, and other motorists safe and sound.

Finally, your tire pressure can change significantly depending on the weather outside. When temperatures start to drop during the winter months, your tire pressure will too. This isn’t a sign that something is wrong with your tires, but just a natural process due to air becoming more compact the cooler it gets. All you need to do to put things right is top up your tires a little bit. Getting your tire pressure right is all the more important during the winter months, when roads can be slippery and unpredictable.

How Often Do Tires Need Replacing?

No matter how well you look after your car’s tires, they’ll reach the end of their working life after a certain period of time. Each tire manufacturer has their own estimate for how long tires can run safely. Typically, you should plan to replace your tires after six years. Tires that are older than six years can lose the ability to hold their pressure well as the rubber deteriorates.

The most common test for your tires’ continued suitability is to check their tread wear. If your tire’s tread has worn too low, you’ll need to replace it regardless of its age. The simplest way to tell if your tire’s tread is too low is the penny test. All you need to do to perform this test is place a penny in your tire’s tread with the head pointing down. If all of Lincoln’s head is still visible, it’s time to replace your tire.

Learn More About Tire Services at Sweeney Cars

So, there you have it! Sweeney Cars just gave you some local tips for places to visit if you need to top up your tire pressure. If you need any further assistance with topping up your tire pressure or buying a new set of tires, you can find expert help here at Sweeney Cars in Youngstown. Our team of certified service technicians can inspect your existing tires to make sure they’re still in good shape. Our mechanics can also recommend the best type of tire to purchase for your specific vehicle. Contact us today to learn more.