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Not sure if your vehicle has an open recall, or can’t get a straight answer from some of the third party sites? We’re happy to help! We’ve got access to data that many of them don’t. Just fill out this quick form below, and our Guest Services team will let you know if you’ve got one. And if you do, they’ll help you get it scheduled to have the recall taken care of, free of charge to you.

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  • We'll use your email address to confirm whether you have a recall or not, and to help you get scheduled to get it taken care of.
  • Drop your phone number so that we can get in touch with you about your vehicle's recall status.
  • We'll only be using your VIN number to confirm that you have a recall on your vehicle so that we know how to best help you!
    Because we're always in need of good used vehicles for our inventory, your vehicle could very well be worth more than you think. Just check this box so we know you'd like us to let you know how much it's worth.
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