Road Trip Service Tips

Road Trip Service Tips

Do you plan on going on a road trip this summer? If so, there are many things you need to check before hitting the road. Before you head to your road trip destination, there are several questions you need to ask.

When is the last time you had your vehicle’s oil changed?

The mileage to change your oil at varies by vehicle. Typically, it is recommended that you get your vehicle’s oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles. Often, a car light on the dashboard will show up if an oil change is needed.

Are your tires properly filled for your road trip?

In order to safely drive long distances, it is essential for your tires to be filled properly. The recommended tire pressure varies by vehicle. Often, the recommended tire pressure level is located on the car sticker in the door jab, or inside the owner’s manual. If tires are under inflated, it causes higher rolling resistance, which reduces fuel economy. On the other hand, an overinflated tire will cause an uncomfortable car ride.

Did you verify that your fluids are topped off?

There are several different types of fluids that you must check to ensure a safe road trip. Several of these important fluids include engine oil, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. One purpose of engine oil is to ensure that engine parts are able to move easily. Windshield washer fluid is important to check because if your windshield gets too dirty to see, it will be dangerous to drive if you are unable to clean it. Lastly, brake fluid is very important to check because it activates the brake plunger within the master cylinder. If your brakes start working improperly, it could become dangerous during your road trip.

When is the last time you changed your engine air filter?

The engine air filter is an essential part of the engine. This is because the filter allows your vehicle’s engine to get clean air. Clean air is an important component of the combustion process. Without the air filter, contaminants such as dust and leaves could damage the vehicle’s engine. It is recommended that you get your vehicle’s engine air filter every 12,000-15,000 miles.

Is your car ready for your road trip?

It is a great idea to get your vehicle serviced to ensure it’s in optimal condition for your trip. During a service visit, the mechanics will check your oil, air filter, tire pressure, and other essential vehicle fluids to make sure they are ready for your road trip. Right now, our team at Sweeney is offering free inspections to check all these things and more! Learn more about getting a free inspection here.